FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Regarding tubes

Why should the tube be stored in the refrigerator after opening?

We use fresh, food-grade meat for our meat pâtés. This makes it necessary to store the product in the refrigerator after opening.

How long can the meat pâté be kept unopened?

After production, the product has a shelf life of 24 months if unopened. The best-before date is located at the top of the tube fold on the back of the tube.

The best-before date printed on the tube only applies to the unopened tube.

How long can the meat pâtés be used after opening?

Depending on storage, season and use, the respective product has a different shelf life after opening. We therefore generally recommend that you store the opened product in the refrigerator and consume it promptly (after 7-14 days at the latest).

How can I find out if the product is spoiled?

If the fresh meat pâté is spoiled, the tube is usually bloated (caused by germs and bacteria) and the smell of the product becomes sour, musty.

Germs and bacteria can get into the product, for example if the dog or cat licks the neck of the tube when feeding from it. Storing the opened product in a cool place slows down the multiplication of germs. In hot conditions (e.g. storage in the car etc.) the germs multiply rapidly.

Why is it difficult to squeeze Tubidog liver pâté out of the tube after storing it in the refrigerator?

Refrigeration hardens the fat contained in the product and it can be difficult to squeeze the content out of the tube. Depending on the ambient temperature and weather, we recommend taking the tube out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before feeding.

Measures for easier removal of the liver pâté:

When using the product, please take care to avoid twisting or kinking in the area of the longitudinal weld. The packaging is designed for product removal with little effort due to its soft properties and the large opening. In addition, the meat pâté can be removed more easily if the content is softened slightly with light pressure in the tube before opening. If the tube has previously been stored in the refrigerator, first bring it back to room temperature for feeding. This will ensure that the tube regains its soft properties after the "cold freeze".

How do I get all the content out of the tube?

There are always residues left behind. The most effective way is to squeeze the almost empty tube with a tablespoon. All you need is a cutting board and a spoon.

And this is how it works:

Place the tube on the board and press the spoon from the fold (top) towards the screw cap (bottom) until the remaining content appears. This procedure is very suitable for the plastic tube. With the aluminium tube, the side edge could break and the pâté could come out.

Why is the liver pâté grey / green or has dark spots?

The grey/green colour is not a sign of quality loss, but a natural reaction.

The tubes we use are not 100% impermeable to air and light. And even when the tube is filled, some residual air remains in the neck of the tube. If the liver pâté comes into contact with oxygen and light, an oxidation process takes place and the product can turn grey or take on a green colour. Only the outer layer takes on the grey/green hue. If you cut the sausage strand, you can see the typical light pink colour in the middle. The product is immaculate and can be fed as it is.

Why does the tube tear at the sides / seams?

Unfortunately, despite close quality controls, we cannot completely exclude the possibility of the plastic tube breaking at the side seam. In general, the side seam is the weak point of the tube. Every seam weakens the material, regardless of whether it is a tube or a pouch.

However, we can assure you that we are constantly working on improving the packaging to be able to offer you an excellent product.

Why does some liquid come out of the tube after opening?

This is a mixture of oil and water. During the production process (and also later), the tube is upside down while being filled. Some liquid may collect at the opening and leak out the first time it is used (similar to a mustard tube).

This is normal and not an indication of expiry.

Why does the twist cap on the aluminium tube no longer fit after a few uses?

Our meat pâtés are versatile in use and are often used on the go, e.g. on a walk or during training. Maybe your dog left some sand on the thread when licking from the tube or bit on the tube opening. Thus, it can happen that the cap no longer fits perfectly on the tube.

Why is a flip-top closure not used for the tubes?

Although a flip-top closure seems practical at first, we decided against it for the following reasons:

  • Medium to large dogs can tear off the entire cap in the rush of the moment and swallow it.
  • If the dog is fed directly from the tube, he can spread the pâté with the tongue in, on and around the cap. The flip-top cap cannot be cleaned separately. It gets germy.
  • You get dirty fingers or stains on clothes / bags faster.
  • Our idea of clean and easy feeding would be destroyed.
  • For our plastic tubes, we therefore use a so-called "quick and click" cap that can be opened with one twist.

From which animal is the liver that is processed in the products?

For our meat pâtés we use liver from pigs and poultry (turkey). The meat and fish for our fish-based pâtés come from our regional suppliers, with whom we have been working in a trusting relationship for years.

Is meat waste processed?

No. The use of meat waste is contrary to our philosophy.

Which raw materials are processed?

We only use food-grade raw materials for our products. We get the meat for our meat pâtés fresh from our regional suppliers.

2. Regarding Cookies snacks

Why is there a small bag or sachet in some snack packs?

The small bag is a so-called "deoxidiser". It serves to protect the high quality of the product and ensures that it is not damaged by moisture. The small bag is not suitable for consumption, must not be heated in the microwave and should be disposed of.

The snacks have white deposits, are they spoiled?

No. White deposits (they are protein crystals or deposits) on our natural products can be caused by temperature fluctuations and have no influence on the high quality of the product. The snacks can still be fed without concern.

Can I also order products directly from you?

So far, we only supply to specialized trade and wholesalers and not to end consumer directly.

Do you have a factory sale / on-site sale?

No, we do not have a direct on-site sale in Ganderkesee. As a private customer, you can purchase our products from specialized retailers.