Innovative and competent

Since its foundation in April 1997 in the Hanseatic City of Bremen, Hansepet has been at home in the pet industry as a founder-managed company and has firmly established a place for itself on the market.

At the beginning of our history, the focus was on the purchase of trade goods. Since 2007, we have been developing and producing the highest quality snacks for dogs and cats in our own modern factory site in Ganderkesee. There, for example, we produce our premium meat paté and sausage in tubes, which are much loved by many dogs and cats. In addition, with our dedicated team and based on our decades of experience, we are constantly developing new, animal-friendly ideas to provide our four-legged friends with the best and most innovative treats.

In 2018, we expanded our site and invested in a new high rack with 900 pallet spaces, as well as in new, modern production halls at the highest technological level. In 2019, we put our new filling plant into operation.

Our philosophy

Positive emotions for humans and pets


Many people's lives are so enriched by their four-legged friends that they are referred to as family members, best friends and comforters of the soul rather than simply pets.


Almost all of our employees have dogs or cats of their own that are very special to them, and for which they only want the best. Thus, the well-being and health of their pets is the focus of our actions.


In the production of our quality products, we place great importance on the use of valuable, high-quality raw materials that are perfectly matched to the needs of dogs and cats.

With our products, we want to create positive emotions, in both humans and their pets.


This principle drives us each day to develop innovative and species-appropriate snacks that are not only delicious for our four-legged friends, but also give us and every pet owner an all-round good feeling.

Our promise

  • Lots of fresh food-grade meat
  • High-quality raw materials and ingredients
  • High acceptance and tolerance
  • No added sugar or cereals
  • No flavour enhancers or colourings
  • Without mechanically separated meat
  • Without animal testing


For us it is a matter close to our hearts to support national, professional aid organisations, for example rescue dog squadrons, with food donations if necessary and within the scope of our possibilities.