Premium quality -  filled in practical tubes


We have been producing our premium meat pâtés at our Ganderkesee site for decades with the support of our competently and comprehensively trained specialists.


In the production process, we rely on the highest quality ingredients and regionality. We only use fresh food-grade meat from regional suppliers, thus ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain.

Only the best ingredients are filled into tubes.

Our products only comprise a handful ingredients. For our much-loved liver sausage, we solely use fresh pork and pork liver in food-grade quality, rapeseed oil, vegetable broth and fine herbs. Pork and pork liver are suppliers of valuable proteins and iron for your cat.

Short ingredient lists and transparency are important to us, which is why we do not use sugar, cereals, mechanically separated meat, flavour enhancers or colourings.

Highest quality

  • 100% natural raw materials
  • Fresh meat in food-grade quality
  • Without mechanically separated meat
  • Monoprotein
  • Without added sugar or cereals
  • Without flavour enhancers
  • Without colourings
  • Without animal testing
  • Can be kept unrefrigerated for 24 months after production
  • Developed and produced in Germany


Practical application


Straight from the tube


As a topping


Reward & joy




Liver Pâté


75 g

Supplementary feed for cats.
Composition: Pork, fresh (53%), pork liver, fresh (35%), rapeseed oil, vegetables, herbs, taurine
Analytical components: Crude protein 13%, crude fat 30.6%, crude ash 1.5%, crude fibre 1.0%, moisture 50%.


After opening, refrigerate and consume within 8 days.

Salmon Pâté

75 g


Supplementary feed for cats.
Composition: Salmon (35%), rapeseed oil, potato starch, corn starch, guar gum, vegetable fibre, xanthan gum, cellulose, taurine
Analytical components: Crude protein 6%, crude fat 15%, crude ash 1.3%, crude fibre 1.0%, moisture 70.9%.


After opening, refrigerate and consume within 8 days.