Hansepet goes Asia

Hansepet is now available in Asia.

At various exhibitions in China and Korea the great products of Tubi were presented to the interested audience - and of course to the consumers on four paws.

Of course the tasty products also got tested by the curious pets, who really liked them. That was a pleasure, not only for the pets, but also for their owners.

Here are some impressions of the interesting exhibitions and a few pictures of advertising material for Tubi in Asia.

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NEWS 1601 Korea 02
NEWS 1601 China 01
NEWS 1601 China 02
NEWS 1601 Korea 01


"16. Garten- und Zooevent" exhibition from 26th to 27th September 2015 in Kassel

Hansepet was represented at the 16th “Garden- and Zooevent 2015” in Kassel. Among others we have shown the new rodent products „Adventure snacks for rodents“.

Even the cuddly rodents likes the specially equipped meadow. (Of course, it is not a rodent – it is a stuffed animal).

Here are some impressions from the exhibition…

Stand 02
Stand 03
Stand 04
Stand 09
Stand 06
Stand 08


Brandnew Hansepet-Flyer for rodents

As of now Hansepets programm includes healthiest, grain-free mainfood as well as food supplements for rodents.

Our products are eligible for all rodents. They are made off nature-orientated and always grain-free herbs, fruits and flowers mixture. Manufactured from top-quality grass, herbs, flowers and vitamin-packed vegetables.

All our product are:

Upcoming soon: Here on these news side we will present the newest creations.

Let yourself be surprised! Your rodents will be delighted!

Visit us on Garten- & Zooevent from 26. to 27. September 2015 in Kassel.

You can click here to see the new flyer. (PDF 1.4MB, only in German)


Boredom was yesterday! Today Hansepet Adventure snacks comes!

NEW range at Hansepet: Adventure snacks for all rodents and dwarf rabbits.

We are developing and producing quality and innovative snack products which means activity for all rodents and dwarf rabbits at our location in Ganderkesee-Falkenburg at Bremen.

We pay attention to process only humane and natural ingredients and raw materials. So we relinquish on cereals and do not use granulated sugar. Also preservatives or artificial flavors are off-limits.

Our small animal house, the “Villa Falkenburg” for example is assembled by a patent connector system and also solid that the play, climbing and cuddly fun is not handicapped. Generously sprinkled with hay, it allures rabbits, guinea pigs and many other animals to romp in and romp about the villa.

Especially attractive are our hay rolls. Swing ‘n roll hay rolls can easily be fixed by the integrated bast ribbon at the rodents home. The animals living there have to raise and to stretch in order to gain the many herbs, flowers and fruits and to nibble the hay.

For the necessary tooth abrasion the Hansepet ensure Nibbling. Made from 100% fruit trees and sprinkled with delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, they are a great activity and species-appropriate nibble.

Boredom was yesterday! Today Hansepet Adventure snacks comes!

Gradually we will introduce many new products in this category. Look forward and bring a new change in the rodents homes of your customers!


Ralf Müller: Change over to Hansepet

Ralf Müller took over the sales and distribution at Hansepet to 1 January 2015.

The 41-year-old has worked at Vitakraft since 2003. He was responsible for the management of the specialized trade segment. He also took an active part in the setup of Hanseaten Naturprodukte GmbH.

Now his initial focus is the strategic sales development at Hansepet, as well as the establishment and expansion of small animal ranges.


A farewell is always a new beginning

The June 5, 2014 was a very sad day for us. On this day we had to say goodby to our little “cheerfulness bolt” Jasper. For 14 years he has accompanied the boss to office every day and was always and everywhere with us. In the morning one round was turned through the office to greet everyone in the team. He gladly made one or the other unauthorized trip to the camp, from which he always proudly presents treats itself found on his turn.

Whether in the warehouse or showroom, he had the dog’s paradise on earth and became very quickly manager of the product development. The little guy has often made us laugh!

Finally, Jasper was very ill and so we had to help him over the bridge to the rainbow. For our office team the first weeks were unusually quiet. No whirlwind who rages through the corridors in the morning and no wet snout, asking for a treat.

Especially his girlfriend Emma was sad, has really missed him and could not understand that he’s gone. The months passed and a life without a dog is “a no go”. On 11/11/2014 small-Gina comes into the house. And with her a lot of energy, good humor and lots of bits of paper under the desk.

Meanwhile small Gina became a “quite well” behaved teenager. Currently we are in the phase “checkout limits” …

We hope that she has a long, wonderful and healthy dog’s life.