Innovative and competent

The lives of so many people are enriched by their four-legged or feathered friends that they can truly be called family members, sports friends and comforters and are far more than just “pets”.

The focus of our interest is on the well-being and health of these beloved four-legged, furry-nosed and feathered comrades. This is why in producing our quality merchandise, we take care to use nothing other than valuable, high-quality ingredients, tailored to suit the needs of dogs, cats, small animals and birds.

In a positive sense, what sets Hansepet apart and why do we have so much fun in what we do?

  1. Because we don’t just develop, produce and market any old product , but because our products touch emotions!
  2. If the animal is happy, the people are happy!
  3. Healthy feed creates a bond of trust between humans and animals, and also between the retailers and their clients!

Many of our products are found in specialist retail outlets, drugstores and food markets, but also as branded or own brand products in DIY and garden centres.

If you decide to purchase out quality products, you will doubtless benefit from our 25 years of experience, our global network and our personal service.

We are thrilled if we have tickled your interest in us and our quality products.

Gebaeude Stadtmusikanten

25 employees cater to the needs of our clients in our location in Ganderkesee
in North Germany, approx. 15 km from the Hanse City of Bremen. Our location
is 5.300 sqm big, 3.500 sqm of it is for the production and storage of our quality products.